The FullScale Digi Board USB3-A is an interface board able to convert Proxy Board output stream to standard USB3.0 UVC output format (USB UVC = webcam output format).


  • Compatible with all FullScale proxy boards
  • Powered by 5 Volts USB 3.0 supply
  • Power consumption: 300 mW without any proxy. 600 mW typical.
  • Standard UVC protocol (WebCam like)
  • Small size: 25.4×25.4 mm
  • Provided with FullScale ProxyDemo software

Demo player

  • This DigiBoard can be easily interfaced with FullScale ProxyDemo software. Thanks to ProxyDemo, you can seamlessly display a raw thermal stream, add some processing and record your video.
    More details here.
  • Please click here to find out the comaptibility between your Player, your Digi Board and your Proxy Board.

Ordering Part Number

  • DB_USB3_A
    includes Digi Board USB3-A only

Do you want to get an assembled solution including Proxy, Digi, lens, sensor, … ??
Please refer to Demokits page.

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