FullScale is your electronic expert, mainly focused on high-end uncooled thermal imaging solutions.

FullScale is a startup founded in August 2012 by Rémi and Thomas, two analog electronic design experts.

  • 11 years of cumulative experience in thermal imaging design
  • 15 years of cumulative experience in high resolution analog to digital conversion
  • 4 years of cumulative experience in space qualify analog circuits

FullScale is a part of the Innovapole process and is supported by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Essonne (91 France) and by the CEA (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux énergies alternatives). Because we think analog solution designs need procedures and controls at each step of development, FullScale follows a strict Quality Assurance Plan. FullScale guarantees you that all its designs are done according to the state of the art and perfectly match quality rules.

FullScale only uses high performance equipments and software perfectly meeting advanced analog designs requirement.

  • High end spectrum analyzers
  • High fidelity analog oscilloscopes
  • High resolution digital oscilloscopes
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