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The FullScale Digi Board Shutter_B3 is a shutter board designed to control Nanomotion RS08 shutter series. It has to be connected between a FullScale Proxy Board and a FullScale FPGA-B3.


  • FullScale shutter board dedicated to Nanomotion RS08 shutter
  • Connected between proxy board and FPGA-B3 processing board
  • Compatible with all FullScale proxy boards
  • Powered by FPGA-B3 processing board
  • Power consumption: 50 mW
  • Size: 42 x 42 mm
  • Provided with FullScale ProxyDemo software

Ordering Part Number

  • DB_ShutterRS08_B3
    includes Digi Board Shutter-B3 only

Do you want to get an assembled solution including Proxy, Digi, lens, sensor, … ??
Please refer to Demokits page.

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