Electronic proxy board dedicated to Lynred sensor PICO1024 GeN2.


  • Compatible with PICO1024 GeN2
  • Can be provided with ZIF socket (avoid to solder the sensor)
  • Meets all Lynred sensor requirements
  • Standard SPI control
  • Programmable control : Integration time, GSK, GFID, VBUS, VDET
  • Low power : 260 mW
  • Small size : 42 mm square
  • 14 bits parallel raw data output
  • Usable size: 1 024 x 768 px
  • Frame rate: up to 120 fps
  • Extended temperature range : -35°C / +100°C


Ordering Part Numbers

  • PB_M1018_P
    includes proxy board M1018-P only
  • PB_M1018_P_Sens
    includes proxy board M1018-P + Lynred sensor PICO1024 GeN2

ZIF Socket for PICO1024 are available through our FullScale Demokits

We can also integrate your own Lynred sensor : just ask !

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